10 Ways to Make Lockdown Holidays Less Boring

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So, the half term holiday is finally here offering a much needed break from home schooling (although I have still have to work as I am sure many of you do too) With all theme parks, zoos, museums, cinemas and other fun holiday stuff to do closed what can we do to stop the kids climbing the walls? I think a big dose of imagination and a little creativity will be in order. Here are some holiday activities you can try out or adapt yourselves for indoors and outdoors.


World Tour at Home

With international travel off the cards for the foreseeable how about recreating different countries in your own home and do a world tour? It could be that you have a different theme in each room. Or try out a different  country’s cuisine each day. I can definitely imagine some dressing up and themed music involved.  You could learn how to say hello in each language and learn a little about a different culture. 


Treasure Trail

Going out for our daily exercise is one thing we are allowed to do right now. But getting kids out for a walk can be difficult at the best of times so try different things to entice them. Treasure trails make it fun exploring your town while working out the clues. Some are about catching crooks, sneaky spies or murder mysteries. 


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roller skates

Outdoor Toys

Having some things to play with on a walk or in the garden might liven it up. Try a kite, roller skates, scooters, walkie talkies, binoculars, stomp rockets, rubber band airplanes, a slackline or ninja tree climbers. You can also get den kits and adventure kits that look like a lot of fun (though I reckon you could easily put your own together).


Spring Picnic

Ok, so you do need to be warmly dressed for this one, but summer is not the only time for a picnic. The Scandinavians still love to have a camp fire and cook sausages or similar even with snow on the ground. You can store hotdogs in a thermos with hot water and get a mini raclette set to melt cheese or toast marshmallows for hot chocolates.


scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love finding and collecting things so scavenger hunts can work all year round and in any setting depending on what it is you task the kids to find. If it is wet outside then try one indoors with objects from around the house. This is one of the easier holiday activities that doesn’t take much organisation!  Get our FREE scavenger hunt by signing up to our mailing list below.


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Set a Challenge 

Set a challenge or a competition this holiday. It could a photography or art challenge with an exhibition at the end of the holiday or a sports competition with different events like cushion throwing (if that is safe!) garden running or an obstacle course. Or for a quieter life maybe a reading challenge with books downloaded from your library



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geo caching


This activity involves downloading the geocaching app and setting up a profile. Then when you are out and about trying to find the geocaches in your area by looking on the map in the app. It’s harder than it sounds as they are really well hidden! We haven’t found any yet but I imagine it can get quite addictive.



Exhausted by all the holiday activities already? Need a quiet moment away from the kids, then keep them occupied with some stories read by celebrities from Rita Ora to Stephen Fry on YouTube. Psst you also get to have a nosy at their homes too!




Lego Build

Do a Lego build challenge with the family, setting a theme each day, or with their school friends via WhatsApp. There are some Facebook groups you can join with Lego build challenges where the members vote for a winner and you can get Lego prizes.  Who will be the master builder of the holiday?


Quarantine Time Capsule

We are living through such a strange time that will studied and talked about for generations just as World War II has. Capture it in a time capsule that could be buried in your garden to be found by others much later are if you wanted to open it together at some point to remember. You could include a diary entry of the day, newspaper clippings, photographs, rainbow drawings and maybe even a face mask – whatever sums up this time for you and your family.


I have other blog posts full of activities you can also check out below. Enjoy your break from homeschooling.



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