Month: June 2017

Brand building

Design Decisions

As I am finalising my designs and collection range ideas I am starting to make decisions on not only how the collection should look and what garments it needs, but also how it will work for the customer (mums) and the consumer (boys). ​The look of the collection has evolved (very!) slowly from my design…

Brand building

Blogging woes

Yikes, I am at an impass! Writer’s block has set in and although I maintain a long list of blog topics to write about and bookmark many interesting sites and articles to stimulate that creative spark I am stuck in the blogging doldrums. ​Some weeks I already have an idea that is bursting to get out,…

Activism | Green Issues

People Power!

After the worrying news this week of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement I felt I had to use my blog this week to send out a call to action. ​It would be all to easy to get despondent and feel that there is now no way we can curb carbon emissions with the USA,…