Month: July 2017

Ethical Fashion

Who Made My Jeans? Pt1

During the last month I have been taking an online (free!) course called Who Made My Clothes through and the University of Exeter. Having watched The True Cost film on Netflix which investigates the Rana Plaza tragedy where over 1000 garment workers died during a factory collapse and subsequently getting involved with Fashion Revolution week back in April this course appealed to my…

What Is Fashion Rental?
Sustainable Fashion

What Is Fashion Rental?

A great way to have a more sustainable wardrobe is to consider fashion rental which will reduce that fashion foot print and there are more brands around now who offer this.  ‚ÄčIt started off in the high end designer sector with companies like Rent the Runway and now Dream Wardrobe and Girl Meets Dress offering styles from over many designers including…

Fashion History

Monty & the Duffle

As I am hoping to include the most classic of coat shapes, the dapper duffle, in my launch collection I thought you might like a potted history of Paddington’s favourite attire.  A long frock hooded coat with toggles is seen in the Polish military in the 1820’s which may have influenced the design of British…