Month: September 2017

Brand building

A year of Wonder!

Wow, So it’s been a year ago since I started on my Boy Wonder journey and have written a staggering 50 blogs! At times it’s been a real struggle but when I get positive feedback about what I am doing it makes it all worth it! ​You can have a look back at some of…

Sustainable Fashion

Quality Counts!

Quality countsA great way to embrace slow fashion is to buy less and of better quality. ​So how can we do this I hear you ask? Ok readers, so here is the low down on how to assess garment quality. FabricThe first thing to do would be to feel the fabric, does it feel good?…

Fashion Psychology

The Fashion Image

It is London Fashion Week this week so I find my eye drawn to lavish images of beautiful skinny white women appearing online and in the press. Now we all know this is not representative of us mere mortals and is nowhere near showing the wonderful ethnic diversity of Britain either. There have been some inroads…