Month: November 2019

Why Should I buy Organic Cotton?
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Why Should I buy Organic Cotton?

We use organic cotton in our collection which is more expensive. So what is organic cotton and why should you buy it? No Toxic Chemicals! Conventional cotton is grown and treated with many cancer causing chemicals including frightening ones like cyanide[i], formaldehyde and sulfuric acid[ii]. Organic crops do not¬†pollute natural water courses, thereby helping to…

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What do you need?

So lovely readers I need your help… I need you to tell me what YOU need. ‚ÄčOver the last three years of blogging I have had over 40,000 unique visitors to this site from all over the world. It takes up a lot of my work time writing the blogs and getting them out into…

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On Being Rebellious

I penned this brief piece to mark Extinction Rebellion’s first birthday on the 1st November which was read out at my XR group’s celebrations. It is further insight into the October Rebellion and why I am involved. I hope you like it x I first grew rebellious in my youth, but matured into sensible behaviour…