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6 Reasons Our Kids Clothes Are Great Value


An often heard criticism of ethical, sustainable or British-made products is that they cost too much. When parents are shopping for kids clothes this can be a particular barrier to buying such products as we all know that kids grow – fast! So why would anyone want to pay more for a product that their child will soon be too big for? I want to challenge this perception and explain the reasons why.


Our garments come in dual sizes; 5-6 years, 7-8 years & 9-10 years so if bought when your child is at the small end of that they can last a few years. They also have extra growth room built into them which means the length of the body and long sleeves are around 3cms longer. This can add on another 6 months of wear than they would have otherwise. Cuffs can of course be rolled up if they are too big at first. My son (the Boy Wonder) is nearly 11 and still fits nicely into the largest size. As they are trend and season free they can be worn for years to come.


We use a premium weight cotton in our products that you won’t get on the high street or supermarkets. Organic cotton also needs washing less frequently than synthetic fibres which means it will last longer as frequent washing makes fabrics deteriorate. Importantly, organic cotton generally has a longer fibre length than standard cotton which directly contributes to it’s strength and durability. Standard cotton begins to break down after 10/15 washes where as organic doesn’t begin to break down until over 100 washes.

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Our garments are of a premium quality and are designed and made to last. Skilled workers make them to high standards and use high quality materials. This means they can be passed down to siblings or friends and family and have another life with another child. Many lower quality, cheaper garments will not last long even with one child and get discarded. The quality decreases the ‘cost-per-wear’ which will be less than with a cheaper product.


We don’t follow trends in our designs as we believe in style rather than fads. Kids will always want to wear bright, fun comfy clothes, so you don’t need to worry in the way you would about the latest merchandised clothing becoming unpopular or out of date. The bright colours and stereotype-free prints also have unisex appeal, so although they were designed to give boys more options in fashion they look amazing on girls too giving extra options for who can wear them. You won’t find our prints anywhere else as they are bespoke and hand-drawn which gives your child individuality that you can’t get from the big brand names.

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Care & Repair

You can look after your garment and keep in the best condition for as long as possible with our Jersey Care Guides that are provided free with every order. We also sell repair kits alongside our products which contain all you need to do any minor repairs that might come about from accidental rips or similar. We are looking to expand our range to include iron-on patches for personalisation or to cover any stains or marks. 


In the next few months we will be launching a new area on the site where pre-loved Boy Wonder garments will be sold. You will be sent an email every 6 months after you buy from us to ask you if you want to send your purchase back to us (provided it is in good condition) in exchange for a discount on your next purchase. In that way we can meet our sustainability targets and reduce the cost of purchase for you as well.

Repair kit contents

We believe in what we do and the reasons why they are worth paying a bit more for and hope that you do too.
You can check them out in our webshop here and I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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