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8 Festive Craft Activities with Kids

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As this Christmas won’t be the usual bustle and flurry of visiting friends and family, watching pantomimes, listening to carol concerts and eating out we will have a lot more time to fill. So, to keep the kids (and adults) amused and out of trouble why not get creative with some festive crafts? I have put together some of my favourite picks from Pinterest which you don’t need to be too skilled to do and look fun for all the family.

Christmas pudding pompom

Christmas Pudding Pom Pom
by Love Knitting

These pom poms look so cute and are great for using up left over wool. They would look great on your Christmas tree but keep them away from cats as they will love them too!

You will need:
Wool – brown, red & white
2 small bells
Green felt
Needle & thread
Pom pom makers or two rings of card
metallic thread for stringing up


Pine Cone Reindeer
by Kindlyunspoken

Pine cone crafts give that lovely natural feel and are mostly biodegradable afterwards if you remove the plastic parts. Quick and easy even for little fingers with a bit of parental help with the glue gun.

You will need:
Pine cones
Brown felt
Red mini pom poms
Googly eyes
Small twigs
Hot glue gun
Metallic thread for stringing up


Pinecone Reindeer
Pine cone Elves

Pine Cone Elves
by Lia Griffith

More pine cone crafting this time in the shape of elves! These are my absolute favourite as they remind of the Scandinavian Nisse. Am going to try this one out myself with the Boy Wonder for cute gifts for the family.

You will need:
Coloured felt
Pine cones
Small bells
1 inch wooden beads
Needle & thread
Glue gun
Black & red pens


Clay Embossed Decorations
By Gathering Beauty

Such a simple but effective idea using woollen knitwear to imprint patterns into clay and then a cookie cutter to cut out the shape. You could experiment and see what else you can find to emboss other textures into the clay and cut free-form shapes instead of using cutters.  

You will need:
Air drying clay
Festive cookie cutters
Rolling pin
Ribbon or string


Clay embossed decorations

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Twiggy trees

Twiggy Christmas Trees
by the Mummy Front

 Another natural and biodegradable decoration that you don’t need too many specialist bits for. Get creative with twigs and wool!

You will need:
Coloured wool
Glue gun
Gold card
Thread for stringing up


Orange Peel Stars
by One Perfect Day

This simple idea will also make your house smell lovely and Christmassy strung up around the house. Adults should supervise the orange bashing! Could be good to release a bit of festive tension too and you get to eat the oranges as well! 

You will need:
Star shaped cookie cutters
Skewer or needle 



Orange peel stars
Orange candle holders

Orange & Clove Tealights
by thisNZlife

More  oranges that will fragrance your house with cloves adding an extra festive scent. A creative take on the traditional pomander that date back to ancient times. if you cover it with cloves it will last for years. Adults will be needed for the wielding or sharp knives and lighting of candles!

You will need:

A knife
Fireproof base


Potato printed wrapping paper 

If like me you are trying to avoid wrapping paper that cannot be recycled then Kraft paper is the best as it is often made from recycled stock so it closes that loop. But it can be pretty boring so try jazzing it up with some potato prints. Just don’t eat the potatoes afterwards!

You will need:
Plain or kraft paper roll
Poster paint or similar


Potato printed giftwrap

Maybe you will find hidden talents among the pine cone, orange and potato creations? You can check out more ideas for kids activities on my Pinterest board here. 



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