A year of Wonder!

Wow, So it’s been a year ago since I started on my Boy Wonder journey and have written a staggering 50 blogs! At times it’s been a real struggle but when I get positive feedback about what I am doing it makes it all worth it!

​You can have a look back at some of the best ones here:
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​However I have been finding it harder and harder to come up with a different subject matter every week. I don’t want to compromise on the quality of what I am writing because of this so I have decided to reduce my posting to every fortnight. This will also give me chance to concentrate more on getting my collection done too.

​I will be guest blogging in October and December for the Ethical Brand Directory so you can check me out there! I am on the lookout for other sustainable fashion bloggers to write some guest pieces on here too, so if you are interested please let me know.

​I have now set up my first newsletter that you can sign up to on our contact page. This will give you early bird offers and news and sneaks peeks of exciting things, so do please sign up. This first one has exciting news of an upcoming event so don’t miss it.

​The latest news on the collection front is that I am now talking to manufacturers. I am hoping to start my pattern drafting next week and to be going into production before Christmas. I have had to make a massive business decision over the last few weeks about my route to market. As my product will be premium, organic and made in the UK the high costs make it impossible for me to sell to buyers. So I will now have to retail through my own website instead. This is great news for you readers as it will make my brand more easily available to you. So watch this space!

​Over the next six months I want to give you a behind the scenes look at the collection being made. This will highlight the skills our British factories and makers have and the high quality they can produce, but also you will be able see the love that is going into the clothes they are making. I also plan to create some useful infographics and how to guides on sustainable fashion as well as hosting some fun events.

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