Blogging woes

Yikes, I am at an impass! Writer’s block has set in and although I maintain a long list of blog topics to write about and bookmark many interesting sites and articles to stimulate that creative spark I am stuck in the blogging doldrums.

​Some weeks I already have an idea that is bursting to get out, the narrative semi-formed and ready to grow. But some weeks, like this one it seems an impossible task and a heavy burden. So far I have written 36 posts in as many weeks and have managed to not miss a week even through Christmas, illness and the demands of a 7 year old!

​So I am admitting openly and honestly how hard this all is. And although I try to I just sometimes cannot do it all. I am a widowed mum trying to start up my own business and often it just seems too much. I am doing this all on my own and find it very hard at times to make all the decisions and not have anyone to bounce my ideas of. It can also be very disheartening to see my readership fall as it has done steadily since January. One week I posted my blog post and only 9 people read it on that posting day (which is when I get the peak amount that week) and I really didn’t know whether to carry on. It can sometime feel like shouting into the ether not knowing if anyone is listening or cares.

​As I am trying to set up the business, design and make a collection, blog about it and create a social media following and presence all at the same time I am always juggling everything (as all working mums do these days) Maybe I have given myself too much to do or maybe I am expecting too much to quickly? ​Or maybe what I am blogging about is not capturing people’s interest enough? Maybe the environmental and ethical issues come across as too serious and put people off?

​I would love to hear your responses on what works and what doesn’t and maybe I can work on that feedback. Maybe you could all do me a big favour  too and check out my other social media channels to help boost my following and share my posts with friends. I really appreciate any help at the moment to keep me going so thank you in advance!


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