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I have been working on branding ideas for the Boy Wonder brand for well over a year now so I can get a trademark registered. A trademark according to the Oxford dictionary definition is; a symbol, word or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. So this made me ask how do I represent everything the Boy Wonder brand will be through a symbol or words? What are the most important aspects about the brand that need to be represented in the trademark? I would say there are three key things to be expressed; that it’s a boyswear label, that it’s made in Britain and last but not least that it is a green/sustainable brand.

​So I started looking at what other logos are out there and thinking about what works and at the moment there is a lot of nostalgia in graphics & branding. This harking back to ‘better times’ is maybe a bit of a comfort blanket but how long will this trend last? A logo and  trademark needs to be classic and stand the test of time, so I feel that trends need to be avoided. Hand drawn elements also seem to proliferate and suggest an artisan feel which might work for my brand. However if not done carefully it could look childish and unprofessional. My instinct is that a combination of a modern sans serif (plain) and a handwritten or calligraphic typeface with the logo would work well.

​So what should the logo be? While trying to capture the essence of being a green brand I looked at the idea of a tree or leaf logo but didn’t feel it expressed the idea of children enough. Animals can work well as they can capture the natural world in a playful way. Some animals however, seemed too young for my brand such as hedgehogs or squirrels. I did dabble with idea of a wild cat too, but felt that it needed to be a British wild animal to show the British aspect.  With this in mind a fox seemed to work for me. It is a beautiful and clever animal that in some way epitomises the natural world’s fight for survival against human abuse. This appropriately reflects my reasons for establishing an environmentally aware company. 

Another part of the trademark that needed some consideration was the strapline that accompanies the brand name and logo. The fact that it is boy’s clothing is already suggested in the brand name, so the British-made part could be stated here. But how is this best done? I already know that I won’t be able to source every fabric and component from the UK  at this stage so it can’t be said to be a 100% British product. 

I have involved several creative friends and family members in the trademark’s design process.  At one point a sketch of a boy hugging a fox was sketched which seemed to be the ideal concept to me. The boy embodies the brand, the fox embodies the natural world and the friendship evoked portrays our hope to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

So now I have decided on the design at long last I just have to get it registered and hope it will be approved. Fingers crossed! Let me know what you think


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