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Why Black Friday is Bad For Us
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Why Black Friday is Bad For Us

Friday November 29th is Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday, which have now become an increasing orgy of mass consumption. This year is set to be the biggest so far with many of us stuck at home in lockdown or self-isolation. Some of us will be reasoning that it’s a time when we can afford to get things we otherwise couldn’t.

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On Being Rebellious

I penned this brief piece to mark Extinction Rebellion’s first birthday on the 1st November which was read out at my XR group’s celebrations. It is further insight into the October Rebellion and why I am involved. I hope you like it x I first grew rebellious in my youth, but matured into sensible behaviour…

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How To Have A Green Halloween

The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. There is a chill wind blowing and the leaves are falling. It is nearly All Hallow’s Eve, a time of witches and ghouls and…tonnes of plastic rubbish. This ancient celebration, which America has supercharged, grows in popularity and environmental impact every year. But Halloween…

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Rebel for Life

After spending a week in London with XR (Extinction Rebellion) I wanted to try and share some of the experience with you. It is very difficult to express it to people who were not there but I will do my best! SacrificeIt was a really intense experience and a roller-coaster of emotions with long days,…