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Although I love Scandinavian brands I also want to champion some independent British brands that are thinking about sustainability too. One of these is Tootsamcginty whose garments are ethically made as their suppliers are registered to SEDEX (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) This means complete transparency in the supply chain and manufacturing techniques. Their clothes are designed to last longer with longer sleeves and hems and hardwearing fabrics. The materials they use are mostly natural and aren’t chemically produced.

​Frugi is another British brand who garments are made from organic cotton. One of the many great things about organic cotton is that as it contains no nasty chemicals it is less likely to trigger skin allergies which children can be prone to. Frugi’s clothes are all certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the Soil Association. This means they are also ethically sound by paying their workers guaranteed minimum wages, ensuring safe work environments and not using child labour. Their garments are again made to last with knee patches, strong seams, roll up hems and adjustable waistbands. 1% of their turnover is donated to different charities every year making their social commitment very admirable.

​British brand Boys & Girls also make their designs with GOTS certified organic cotton which is also FLO certified – meaning they have paid a fair price for it. They use Fairtrade cotton where they can and hope to have the entire range carrying the Fairtrade mark in the future. Their garments are designed to be practical and comfortable.
​Wouldn’t it be great if some of these amazing brands were also made in the UK? I would love to see garment manufacturing come back to Britain but I will talk more about that another time! x

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