Ecological Minefields


Since I started blogging I have read a lot about different aspects of sustainable fashion including, recycling, zero waste and eco fabrics. But as I read more and more as research for my blog posts I am becoming very aware of what a minefield the area is. In one blog post I can write about what seems like a solution to a certain environmental problem only to discover further down the line that maybe it isn’t the answer we had hoped for.

​For example, I was heartened to discover that some high street fashion brands were encouraging customers to recycle their clothes but later read that they often simply ship these clothing mountains to the developing world. As this takes it out of sight and out of mind it then contributes to the problem as customers think it allows them to carry on consuming massive amounts of fast fashion.

​I have happened upon this conundrum again whereby some smart thinking fashion brands are re-using plastic bottles to make polyester clothes. Sounds good right? And it is a great way to make use of all the waste we produce don’t get me wrong, however these clothes, and all others that are made from synthetics, leach micro fibres when we wash them. These innocuous sounding particles pass into the waterways and oceans creating havoc for wildlife. 60% of all clothing in the world is made from man-made fabrics so that is a very big problem. Some easy solutions to this are to wash your man-made textiles in special bags that capture these textile terrors, to fit a special filter on your water outlet pipe and, of course, to buy clothing made from natural fibres.

​So, I will continue to research into sustainable fashion and new innovations but armed with the knowledge that it is an ever evolving area. This will mean that the brand will have to be flexible to adapt to these developments in order to stay as green as possible. It would be impossible to create a truly zero impact brand as any human endeavour creates some impact, but I aim to do it in as minimal and as considerate a way as possible. 

I hope as I write about these things they will inform and engage you towards living a more sustainable life too, as this is far more important than the brand itself.


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