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After my last blog post it got me thinking about what’s around on our high streets. We are very lucky in the UK to have some great fashion brands furnishing our town centres, such as M&S as mentioned previously. We have sadly lost some big names recently and during the last decade but most are still fighting the good fight and offer a wide variety of styles to suit most tastes.

Monsoon, established in 1973,is one of these style purveyors that have stood the test of the economic crisis. Their range of children’s clothes is high quality and has a quintisentially British feel with a slight bohemian twist. I especially consider their boy’s knitwear to be very strong and have enjoyed a few sported by the boy wonder himself. However the boys clothing range as a whole is tiny in comparison to it’s female counterpart. This is reflected everywhere in our shops and it’s something I will write more on later with some frustration.

Their website states they trade their products ethically and support sustainability through various ways. Their Clothes for Life campaign inspires customers to upcycle by bringing back unwanted Monsoon clothing to store and they will give you a £10 discount voucher off new purchases of £50 or more. These discarded items are either recycled or sold and the profits help support disabled children in the UK. The company also support various ethical fashion projects in the UK and in India including sponsoring London Fashion Week’s ESTHETICA showcase for ethical designers.

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