How to do Halloween in Lockdown

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My son said to me the other day that his favourite time of year is Halloween, even over Christmas! So, he is upset to miss out this year on our usual trip of trick or treating around the neighbourhood. I have reassured him that he can still have a sweetie overload and get dressed up but it is not the same. So, I have been trying to think of different things we can do safely at home to make up for it. I do want to add here to not put too much pressure on yourself to create an extravaganza (unless you want to). This could be a good time to reset and move away from the rampant consumerism of Halloween that we have inherited from the US. But in any case some ideas below may appeal to your kids too.

During the first national lockdown we had a weekly zoom disco with my cousins and their kids, sometimes with themes and dressing up. We all chose a tune each and had a good old dance. It was a great way to connect with my family regularly and escape from covid worries. You could have a dressing up, face painting or dancing competition and give a grand prize. Here are some music suggestions:

Decorate your house with pumpkins and hand crafted  decorations made with the kids. Check out my Pinterest board here for ideas. Get the kids making some spooky snacks, here are some ideas on my Pinterest board. You could also play some games like apple bobbing or hiding sweets around the house with clues along the way or set up a pumpkin carving competition with your neighbours. Here are some more suggestions:

Online Halloween quizzes

Halloween Kids Films
Why not set up a Halloween movie night with friends using Netflix Party? Then you can all watch the same film at the same time and chat about it in a messaging app or just just do it manually and text each other? Here are some suggestions of films for different ages and where to stream them:

Halloween Kids Books

12 Halloween books for kids

The Best New Kids’ Books for Halloween 2020

I hope you all manage to have a fun and safe Halloween


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