How to Make a Kids Face Mask


Last year I wrote a couple of posts about how to make face masks. These were based on adult surgical masks with tie fastenings. Having used these myself since then I wanted to try making elasticated ear straps as they are much easier to put on and take off. Some of the adult masks are also quite large for kids and end up in their eyes so I have created a smaller version that should be more suitable for kids face masks.

I have made these double sided to give extra protection, but also to allow a pocket for you to insert a filter. This could simply be some tissue or kitchen towel that can be discarded after use. Using different fabric inside will remind you not to put it on inside out which would not be safe or hygienic. A tightly woven fabric is best as this will reduce the amount of airborne virus particles that can get through. If you are using very lightweight fabric I would recommend adding iron-on interfacing

It is advisable to remove them very carefully and wash them with soap and hot water after use making sure you wash your hands afterwards.  


What you will need:
Ruler/tape measure
Sewing machine/needle & thread
1 x  20 x 17cm rectangle of woven fabric
1 x 17 x 17cm square of woven fabric
2 x 30cm lengths of elastic
Dressmaking pins
Optional: Pinking shears
Optional: Jewellery wire/wire bag ties
Optional: Interfacing


Step 1.

Firstly, cut out your fabric pieces to the measurements above. If you use pinking shears it will help prevent the fabric from fraying. At each short end fold 3 small pleats approximately 1cm in size. Pin these in place and sew them down about 5mm from the fabric edge. These help to create a rounded shape to go around your face for a better fit.



Step 2

Next, take the smaller fabric piece that will be on the inside of the mask and fold two opposite edges over by 1.5cm. Then sew these down 1cm from the edge. If you haven’t used pinking shears you might want to use a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.


Step ​3.

Then place both pieces of fabric together with the rights sides facing each other and the centre of each edge matching up. Pin along  the long edges and stitch down. 



Step 4.


Turn this inside out and press the edges flat. You should be able to see the mask taking shape now. At this point you can put your piece of wire inside right up to the seam along one of the long edges. The wire helps to fold across the wearers nose making it a better fit.


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Step 5.


Sew 1cm from the edge where the wire is situated to create the channel that it sits in.




6. Then fold the outer fabric edges in on the short side by 1.5cm. Pin and stitch them down making sure to leave one side of the inner fabric as an opening. These sides are now the channels where the elastic goes through. 


7. Take your elastic pieces and stick a small safety pin through one end. Use this to poke through as a guide to get the elastic through the channel. Tie the elastic into loops to fit your child.




8. You can now insert tissue or kitchen roll as a filter insert inside the pocket that has been created. Just remember to remove it before washing!


Step 9.

And there you have it, a snazzy kids face mask for your little ones that is reusable, washable and easy to put on and remove.




I think I will have to make myself one now and retire the annoying one with straps! Let me know if you have a go at making one. I would love to see your efforts.  




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