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After the worrying news this week of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement I felt I had to use my blog this week to send out a call to action.

​It would be all to easy to get despondent and feel that there is now no way we can curb carbon emissions with the USA, being the second largest contributors, not being on-board the deal. But maybe, this is a turning point. Maybe that decision will become a driver to galvanise everyone else. Thankfully it seems that many others are stepping into the breach including many US states, cities and businesses and also, notably, the Chinese government.

​So what can we all do to help fight the good fight? Many people think that their actions are insignificant in the grand scheme of things so why bother, but I disagree. We all have the power to change things and now we need to use that power more than ever, for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. Let’s join with others across the globe who care about the planet and become part of the solution!

​A good way to start would be to find out what your carbon footprint currently is to then get an idea what areas need looking at. There are various carbon calculators on the web but the one on the WWF site is particularly good. It’s really quick and easy to use and gives you ideas on how to reduce your footprint. Just doing it myself has made me think about changing my car to an electric one as soon as I can afford it.

Changing your diet to a plant based diet is one of the biggest things any of us can do to tackle climate change according to many scientific reports, including the United Nation’s, and is something we all have control over. Even if you start by reducing your meat and dairy intake by half it would make a significant difference.  Eating organic, locally sourced produce or growing your own is a great step too.
Other ideas such as switching to a green energy tariff, using our cars less, and being more energy efficient are also easy to do and some will even save us money! Energy monitors are a good way of seeing where energy is being wasted in your home and can be purchased online. Smart meters do a similar job and are being rolled out across the UK over the coming years to encourage us to be more efficient.

Even if just half of the total world population implemented some of these ideas to lower their footprint, can you imagine what impact that would have? So please do your bit today.

#WeWillMoveAhead #MakeClimateMatter #PeoplePower


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