Everything we do at Boy Wonder has ethics and sustainability at it’s core from the design stage through to the shipping agents we use. We take our impact on people and planet very seriously and so use our company policies to state what we do to be as ethical and sustainable as possible in all the different areas of our business. We hope that these and our actions as a business show you, the customer, how serious we are. Please let us know if you have any questions about these policies via email. 

Materials & Processes

We use sustainable materials in all our products and packaging and also in our studio. Our garments are made from British-made certified organic cotton yarn. Our packaging, swing tags and all other paper-based products are plastic free and made with recycled and biodegradable stock. Read more about this in our Environmental Policy.


The impact of our organic cotton when farmed is 31.4% that of conventional cotton – Kering EP&L


The impact of our organic cotton knitted & dyed in Britain is 25% of conventional 
cotton in India – Kering EP&L

Our digital printing uses a 100% water-less process and also uses less energy, dye and waste materials


We only use natural mono-fibres so they can be recycled or bio-degrade at the end of life

Circular Design

Our garments are designed to circular design principles. This includes added growth room, contrast cuffs for reduced washing and the use of non-mixed fibres for ease of recycling. We also provide garment care guides with each order and sell repair kits alongside our products to encourage our customers to keep the garments in use for longer. We aim to add a take-back and resale section on the site in the near future. You can see the certifications for our materials and processes below.

Our garments have extra growth room extending their lifetime by at least 25%

Sewing machine

Small batch production means we have less stock which reduces waste

Ethical Manufacture

All our garments are printed and made ethically just over 20 miles from our studio by family run small businesses. We are fully transparent about our suppliers and you can find our factory list and   trading policy below.


Using local production our garments travel approx 56% fewer miles than big brands.


Manufacturing our clothes in the UK creates 47% less emissions  

Future Goals

We want to keep working on developing our sustainability and circularity through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are aiming at becoming a B Corp and carbon neutral certified  business. You can read more about our plans below and find out about our impact.

SDG 17