The Best Sustainable Beach Toys


Many of us will be heading off to the beach soon and the car will be loaded up with everything but the kitchen sink. We all want the kids to be happy on the beach while we relax so beach toys are a definite must. But how many of us buy the cheap buckets and spades on the beach and then throw them away to save space in the car on the way home? The impact of plastic pollution in our seas and on our beaches increases every year, so why not consider an eco option instead? Even better if you reuse them every year and pass on to someone else when you don’t want them. Check out our pick of the best out there for this summer.

Sustainable beach toys

01 Eco Beach £15 – bio plastic
02 Plan Toys £29.95 – waste sustainable rubberwood
03 Yello £5.99 – post-consumer recycled plastic
04 Dan Toy €18.50 – biobased & renewable
05 Green Toys £16.99 – recycled plastic
06 Dan Toy €4,50 – bioplastic

sustainable toys 2

01 Green Toys £19.99 – recycled plastic
02 Green Toys £6.09 – recycled plastic
03 Oli & Carol £14.50 – 100% natural rubber
04 T&M Toys £5.99 – bioplastic
05 Liewood €40 – Silicone
06 Dantoy €15 – bioplastic

Hope you enjoy your days at the beach knowing that you are caring for the planet too.

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