The Birth of a Brand

So how do all these things I have blogged about so far fit together and what am I going to do with it? 

Well, here are my thoughts; I am going to create and produce a ‘just for boys’ fashion range but without the usual gender stereotypes. It will be a design led and a high quality, premium product, and to maintain sustainbility it will be 100% manufactured in Britain. This range will incorporate an essential British quirkiness with an influence from Scandinavia. It will celebrate great workmanship with beautiful Scottish knitwear and classic tailoring with strong, original printwork.

​All fabrics will be GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic, recycled or sustainable and ethically sourced and produced. Dying and printing will be as low impact as possible being phthalite, NPE and AZO dye free. The garment design will work towards creating zero waste and have durability and longevity built in with adjustable waists, reinforced knees with repair kits and customising guides also available. The range will be trans-seasonal to prevent high season garments such as shorts going to waste due to inclament weather. It will also not be based on trends as this helps to create a need to discard when it’s out of fashion. I will also consider some recycling or re-using scheme that would fit in with the business and product type.  

I will be looking to get the supply chain SEDEX (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) registered to prove and improve sustainability throughout. Packaging and promotional items will be from recycled sources and distribution and retail channels with be chosen by their eco credentials. Marketing of the brand will highlight and encourage sustainability and there will be a strong element of charitable, social and community commitment. I hope to establish an eco office environment at some point too.

This is a lot to aim for so some of it may not be realistically achievable at the start but will be worked towards. Some of this might not make sense to you but you can follow my journey through the blog and on my social media channels too. I have lots of exciting ideas for the brand and if this excites you too please stick with me and witness the birth of a brand!

Ismay x

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