The Business of Happiness

John Lewis also deserve a mention for being an inspiring business model by having an ethos of partnership and mutual benefit. The happiness of all it’s members is the partnership’s utlimate purpose according to it’s constitution written by the founder John Spedan Lewis back in 1928. This vision of co-ownership with employees as members was very radical at the time  but has helped to establish the flourishing and well respected brand we know and love today.

The profit sharing strategy and guiding principles means employees are put first, which was rare back then and is arguably still rare today. The seven principles included in the constitution are still the foundations of the business today and include sourcing responsibly and minimising any detrimental effect thier operations have on the environment.

The company is actively lowering their carbon emissions through various different projects such as energy saving measures in all stores, solar panels and waste reduction.  Contributing to the well being of the community was another part of the consititution that is still a priority for them. Through trusts and foundations they support many different projects including wildlife conservation, empowerment and livlihood projects and emergency relief efforts.

On the boys clothes side of things they also stock a few of the brands I have already given a shout out to including Frugi and Polarn O Pyret.  Others labels they stock have also adorned the boy wonder like Hatley and Joules. 

​And who doesn’t love their Christmas ads!


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