The Four R’s of Eco-fashion

I chose to look at the different clothing brands in my blog so far because they were each doing something to be sustainable. Some of them are not the most sustainable fashion brands there are but I was trying to look at ones who stock or make childrenswear.

The four R’s of sustainable fashion are Repair; as evidenced by the Trouser brand HebTroCoRecycle; as shown by Devon label Quba & Co.Re-sell which is utilised by M&S & Oxfam and lastly Reduce; which is shown by most of the brands mentioned in their efforts to reduce waste and carbon emissions.  I also believe there should a fifth ‘R’ here which would be to Re-think. We all need to re-think our mass consumption of every type of product especially fashion. What’s more there needs to be a total re-think in way we all live and work to have less impact on the planet.

Although I do think it’s some progress that the brands I have talked about are doing something, is it enough? Should there be more thought about the longevity of the product? Should they be encouraging us as consumers to ‘buy less, choose well, and wear more’ as Vivienne Westwood once said?

​Some other brands  who have cleverly thought about some of these issues are  Little Circle who buy back their garments after use,  Mud Jeans (non childrenswear so only get a quick shout out!)who lease their Jeans to their customers and also Patagonia. The 4 R’s stand central to Patagonia core values, so although they don’t do kids clothes they deserve recognition. This is manifested by careful product design to ensure longevity & reduce waste, garment aftercare such as stain removal advice & free repair and recycling and reselling unwanted garments. I could write so much more about this inspiring company but maybe you should find out more yourself?

So to end I have to say If Patagonia can do all they do using the 4 R’s and be profitable then why can’t more brands? This is what drives and inspires me going forward to set up my boys clothes label. So watch this space!


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