The Girl Bias

One of the main problems I can see with boy’s fashion is the distinct lack of it! As a designer and mother of a growing boy I am always striving to find something cool and different to clothe my son in. As I have blogged about previously there are some great brands out there doing boys clothes but in comparison to the amound of girl’s fashion it is pitifully small. There are even many brands that only do girlswear and not boys at all. I don’t even believe there is a single brand that caters only to boys clothes. Why is this? The fashion industry would most likely say there is not enough demand for it or that boys are like our men so not interested in fashion. I beg to differ and wonder if it is a case of the chicken or the egg? If there is not the choice there then the interest is not piqued. If stylish boys wearing interesting outfits featured more in magazines would we see more boys brands?

​I think it is also a cultural thing that as parents or society we like our girls to look pretty and the boys should just have functional clothes as they are always messy and dirty. This bias annoys me as much as it annoys people who don’t want to dress their daughters in pink frilly nonsense. It’s not just a problem with there not being enough choice of boys fashion, it’s also the poor quality and design of those that are available. The licensed characters dominate the high street hangers and  their prints are based around gender stereotyped images such as cars, diggers or dinosaurs.  The standard offering also only seems to be in a limited range of colours only such as navy, grey and khaki. I do realise the practicalities of this when doing the laundry myself but please, how lovely is it to see boys in something bright and snappy?

​The other thing I see on the high street and in magazines more and more now is the ‘mini me’ trend whereby people dress their kids in smaller versions of their own or more simply in clothes you would see adults wearing. This personally is not my idea of style. To me it just looks wrong seeing a young child in a leather jacket or see through things. Children should be children and be able to express themselves stylistically just as we do and not look like our little clones.

​Oh and Happy Christmas to you all!

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