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So now I am starting to have to make some big decisions regarding the business and the brand. The main one at the moment is what route to take to market. Should I sell the Boy Wonder product direct to customers through my own e-commerce site or should I sell wholesale to boutiques or department stores? Well, both have their benefits and their pitfalls and weighing it all up is quite difficult for a newbie like me. 

​Selling direct to customers has the obvious benefit of a higher profit margin as no one is taking thier cut along the way however more investment would have to be made into stock without knowing it will all sell. The costs of setting up a professional e-commerce site would also stretch my budget. To add to this I would have to spend a lot more time and energy in marketing the brand to let customers know who and where we are and what we do.

​​I had thought early on in my research that supplying a high end department store such as Selfridges or Harvey Nicholls would be the way to go. Large stores such as this would want a large volume of stock to sell which may not be possible when manufacturing in the UK. However maybe this is something to investigate and aim for further down the line.

​Maybe a mixture of the two routes will eventually work best as it does for my competitors but as I am setting up and establishing myself its important to keep things focused and not spread myself too thin. ​If I can get two or three childrenswear boutiques interested in stocking some of the range then the brand will reach their already established customer base. This seems to be the best path for Boy Wonder right now so I am hunting out kids clothes shops that stock eco brands and will see if I can bring a little wonder to their lives!

​Please let me know of any independent retailers that might be interested in stocking the Boy Wonder brand 🙂


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