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Fashion resale has become a big thing over the last year or so and is a good sustainable option. In fact the second -hand clothing market is predicted to grow faster than new sales. I have been buying second-hand clothes and selling my old things for a while now, so thought I could pass on some tips to you.


There are so many platforms online where you can sell your clothes now. Depop is a great app you can have on your phone to buy and sell and is my favourite. eBay is an old trusted platform, Vestaire Collective is for designer goods and there is also Facebook Marketplace, VintedThredUP and Poshmark,  to name but a few. Choose the platform where the person who is most likely to buy your clothes from will be looking. If you’re not sure, then where would you be most likely to buy from? For example Depop has a younger audience than eBay and Facebook and Vestaire Collective is for the wealthier customers.  There are also some brands like John Lewis, Levi’s and Patagonia that now take back their clothes giving you a discount or payment and they will resell them. This is something we have in mind for Boy Wonder in the future.


First of all make sure that the garments are clean and ironed. Nobody is going to want to buy a crumpled old thing from the bottom of your laundry basket. It’s probably worth even fixing any repairs too. It is also much nicer for the buyer when they receive it when it’s nice and clean and ready to wear. You will get better feedback too which is important to build trust if want to sell anything again.


The key thing if you are selling online are the photos. There is nothing more off putting than a terrible photo. Most mobile phones these days have really good cameras, so there is no need to worry about expensive kit. You will need somewhere that has good, preferably natural light, but not so bright that it throws strong shadows. You may be able to brighten them up a little on your phone afterwards if necessary and crop out anything you don’t want on the image. It always look better to show garments being worn as they look very different on the hanger. Most people don’t have a great imagination and if they can’t imagine how good it could look on them then they won’t wear it! Try also to have a plain background behind the wearer, that won’t distract too much from what you are trying to show. Photograph key details too, especially any branding if it’s premium or designer to show authenticity. Be honest about any imperfections and show them too, as you don’t want unhappy buyers. The more photos you have to show the garment off the better.

I have sometimes also included images for how to style the garment or links to fashion bloggers reviews. Buyers love to see if something is a bloggers favourite so include it in the headline too.


Pricing is a tricky one and will depend on the platform you are selling on. eBay is an auction site, so maybe start at the very least you are willing to accept and you can always relist with a lower price if it doesn’t sell. Depop is not an auction site, so it’s worth doing a bit of research to see what prices other people are selling similar things at. Consider how much you would be willing to pay for something similar if you were a buyer. Items that are brand new, have never been worn and still have the price tags on you can obviously charge more for, but you will not get the retail price back.  It’s important to check as well how much a platform will charge you for selling with them as they vary from a 10-25% commission.

When it comes to adding on postage and packaging be honest and only cover your costs. High postage is off putting and most people would rather wait longer than pay more. You can weigh your item on home scales along with the mailing bag and then check out the royal mail’s website to find out how much you are likely to pay.  If you are sending multiple or heavy items it might be worth comparing costs with a courier company instead. Try to be quick in dispatching the goods after someone has paid and let them know it has been sent. It’s always safer to send something with a signature on delivery and with enough insurance to cover it as there are rogue buyers out there who will say they haven’t received it. Send the tracking number to the buyer too and an estimated date of delivery. 


Describe the item well and make sure you include all the key information honestly. Most sites will require you state size, colour and brand at the very least, but an indicator of quality is also really helpful. Other useful things to mention maybe the fabric, washing information or even for strange sizes some dimensions too.

Answer any questions that prospective buyers may have quickly and clearly otherwise they will go elsewhere. If there are any problems with the sale or afterwards deal with them as soon as possible and in a polite manner. Problems can happen to anyone and if its at your end being honest and upfront  with an apology will go a long way. Remember to rate your buyer afterwards and give feedback and ask them to do the same. That way you can build your reputation as a seller and hopefully have customers returning to you. 


This is stating the obvious, but don’t try to sell winter coats in the summer and vice versa. But, also consider scheduling the item to start when people are most likely to be on the internet browsing for stuff. I often start eBay items on a Sunday afternoon as people often are free then. With auctions you also have to consider ending them at a time when people will be able to bid. No one wants to get up in the middle of the night to bid on some old jumper! Another thing to consider with timing is what time of the month you are trying to sell in. Near the end of the month a lot of people won’t have much disposable income to spare, but after payday they are more likely to part with their cash. 

Realising the potential of your unwanted clothes can be quite lucrative but also they are then going to live a second life with someone else which is better for the planet. Hopefully these tips will help you do just that. We resell used Boy Wonder garments in our web shop here.


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