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So lovely readers I need your help…

I need you to tell me what YOU need.

​Over the last three years of blogging I have had over 40,000 unique visitors to this site from all over the world. It takes up a lot of my work time writing the blogs and getting them out into the world. But, there seems to be a problem.  When my crowdfund launched in June I had little to no visitors from this site and when I recently did a survey to find out why it hadn’t worked I discovered that most blog readers didn’t even know the crowdfund campaign was happening. 

Now, the big news is that we are re-launching a paired-down collection on Kickstarter on
Friday 6th December at 11AM GMT
and I want you all to know about it and visit the crowdfunder, so you can get your hands on some lovely Boy Wonder stuff.  The best way to do that is to get you to sign up to the mailing list. In fact, my subscribers were the only ones in the survey who all knew about the campaign. Sadly, considering the amount of visitors I get here not many of you actually sign up.

So what can I do to change that? What is it that will encourage you to join us as a subscriber?

Firstly let me tell you what you get from signing up. The current enticement is access to a 10% early bird discount on the launch. You will also recieve a monthly newsletter (sometimes bi-monthly, but I am doing my best!) which has the highlights from the blog over that month. There is also a news section that keeps you updated on what’s happening behind the scenes, exclusive content and also details on giveaways, prize -draws and other exciting stuff.  Sometimes I will also email you to tell you about important events such as the launch so you don’t miss out. The best thing is that it is all delivered to your inbox absolutey free!

But maybe this is not quite what you want? Maybe there is something better I can offer you?

So, I have been doing some research and wracking my brains and I have a few options to offer you. These would be free downloadable content for you to access on signing up:

  • Is it Sustainable Checklist
  • 5 Ways to Reduce Your Fashion Footprint
  • Top Tips for Kids Sustainable Fashion 

If any of these take your fancy more than the 10% discount then please let me know via the comments below or by email. If you want to sign up now then please click on the button below.

In the meantime I am going to busy rejigging the blogsite a bit to prepare it for the launch and make signing up more obvious. So please bear with me if you encounter any problems.
Thanks for reading and hopefully your feedback too


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