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What Is Fashion Rental?

A great way to have a more sustainable wardrobe is to consider fashion rental which will reduce that fashion foot print and there are more brands around now who offer this. 

​It started off in the high end designer sector with companies like Rent the Runway and now Dream Wardrobe and Girl Meets Dress offering styles from over many designers including Roksanda Ilincic, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane. Why fork out hundreds of pounds for something you may wear only once and will then just take up space in your wardrobe? Some offer a free back up size in case it doesn’t fit or a try on service and all have free returns. Sounds good doesn’t it?

The rental concept could be a great antidote to a fast fashion addiction, enabling the buyer to regularly wear new styles without harming the planet at the same time. Le Tote offer high street brands and even style your look for you. Some hotels in Europe and the US now offer clothing rental to guests allowing them to pay on check out thus allowing for less suitcases needing to be sat on to fit in all those sensational holiday outfits! 

​This idea is now moving into children’s clothing with websites like Rainey’s Closet doing a similar thing but with less expensive girlswear brands that you can hire for a specific time period – perfect for a wedding or party.  Rentals are insured for that disaster moment too and there is no need to wash them either (always an added bonus for busy mums!) 

As all mums will know having a baby is an expensive business. There is so much stuff you need and we all want the best for our little bundles of joy. Vigga is a Dutch brand who have been working with my old friend Ellen MacArthur on their circular concept babywear. Parents pay a subscription and receive a bag with a range of eco-friendly clothes made by the company themselves which are then updated as the little one grows. The same clothes are then worn by other babies and toddlers (after washing and repairing of course!) creating far less waste and energy to create more new garments. 

Others to check out are: HurrBy Rotation, Rotaro, My Wardrobe HQ, Onloan, Girl Meets Dress and Endless Wardrobe.

​I did come across several other, now defunct, kids clothing rental sites which makes me wonder if the demand for this is not quite there yet. What do you think about the idea of renting clothes? Does it work better for women’s clothes than kids? Would you consider it for yourself or your kids? Would love to know your thoughts.

If you want more ideas on how to have a sustainable wardrobe then check out How To Do A Wardrobe Audit or What Is A Clothes Swap.


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