What Is Slow Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion

Most of us have heard of ‘fast fashion’ where clothing brands can get their designs from a sketch to the store in super quick time, often just weeks. ZaraH&M & Primark are well known purveyors of this philosophy. Ultra cheap garments are churned out on a massive scale that suggests a disposability to the shopper as they have to buy into the next trend that’s on the hangers. The low price tags of these clothes can be very seductive (and I am not immune myself) but I’m sure we all know that these come at a cost somewhere else down the line.

A Movement

​The ‘slow fashion’ movement has arisen as a reaction to this and espouses a ‘buy less’ buy better’ attitude to fashion. It asks that the consumer be more conscious when buying that ‘must have’ item that they can live without. It demonstrates that the fashion industry need not be the second most polluting in the world nor synonymous with textile waste mountains, child labour and appalling work conditions. We are becoming more aware everyday of our impact on the planet and that mass consumption of everything including fashion is not only unsustainable but also not fair on the developing countries who manufacture these products that we veraciously gobble up.


The principles of slow fashion include creating beautiful garments that are made to last and are not ‘on trend’ so will not seem out of date next season. These will demand higher price tags due to the sustainable materials used and the fair wages paid. They will also tell a real story that will engage the buyer in a way that cheap fashion can never do. Recycling, reusing/vintage garment, upcycling, customisation and clothes swopping all fit the slow fashion bill.

​Boy Wonder sees slow fashion as the future and will be a vocal advocate of it. I like a bargain as much as anyone so I am also personally challenging my fast fashion addiction too. What do you think? Could you implement some slow fashion ideas into your wardrobe?


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